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The new homes will be designed to the needs of our existing residentsand our future residents and many of them will be up to 25% bigger than existing flats. 75% of the homes across the Estate (including Leverstock and Mayland) will be for social rent and will provide a range of accommodation.


Sutton Estate - Proposed 1 bedroom flats.jpg     Sutton Estate - Proposed 2 bedroom flats.jpg
Click the images to see a comparison of existing and proposed internal layouts.

Homes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of our existing tenants:

  • Modern fitted kitchens and bathrooms
  • Mainly south facing balconies, terraces or winter gardens
  • Well insulated providing better energy efficiency
  • Large windows offering better daylight and ventilation
  • Integrated storage space
  • Built to Lifetime Homes Standards (and adaptable to all ages)
  • Flexible living space to suit individual preferences
  • Lifts in each block