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We have worked hard to ensure that all our residents can stay living in the Sutton Estate Chelsea, but in improved conditions. We believe we have found a solution that achieves this purpose and safeguards the future of social rented housing in Chelsea.

Doing nothing is simply not an option. The right approach is to regenerate the Sutton Estate and provide good quality social rented housing for the benefit of current and future generations of residents.  We believe we have found a way to do precisely that.

Clarion would like to increase the amount of proposed social rented floorspace at the Sutton Estate so that it exceeds the existing floorspace.  In doing so we will meet Estate Renewal objectives and further deliver on our aim to secure the future of social housing in Chelsea. The new housing would be for existing residents and RBKC residents and would increase the number of new homes for social rent from 237 to 270 – an increase of 33.  This is possible by changing the previously proposed private mews houses into homes for social rent. 


Cam-C.png                                      Cam-E.png

All existing Clarion residents will be able to remain on the Estate and will live in homes that meet modern living and space standards.