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Anne, Alison and Ted have all lived on the Sutton Estate for more than a decade. They explain why they support the planned regeneration of the Estate, how the lack of space impacts on their lives and the lives of their neighbours, and reiterate why a delay in the process will increase uncertainty and anxiety amongst residents living on the Estate.

Anne McLean and Alison Molly

Anne and Alison have lived on the Sutton Estate for almost 19 years. Due to the age of their properties, which were originally built over 100 years ago, both Anne and Alison live in cramped flats, unfit for modern living needs. They explain why the lack of space is such a big issue for their families, and how the regeneration of the Estate will not just change their lives, but also the lives of future generations of tenants on the Sutton Estate.

Ted Kinopka

79-year old Ted Kinopka has lived on the Sutton Estate for over 10 years. He shows us around his home and explains why he supports the planned regeneration of the Estate. It will provide Ted with a well-designed, modern and spacious flat as well as creating new communal gardens and a purpose-built community centre.