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The Sutton Estate lies on Cale Street, Elystan Street, Marlborough Street and Ixworth Place in Chelsea, and today comprises 462 flats across fifteen blocks, each of which are a different size and have varying layouts. The Estate was built in the early 1900s and completed in 1913. It is one of Clarion’s  oldest estates, having provided social housing in Chelsea for over 100 years.

We have looked at all of the options for the Estate over an extended period of time, working with our residents, local councillors, representative bodies and the local community and strongly believe this regeneration is the best option for our tenants.

Despite significant investment over the years four blocks (known locally as A-D*) do not  meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standards and therefore cannot be legally let as affordable housing. Other blocks are also in poor condition despite substantial post war repairs in the 1950s and major refurbishment and remodelling works in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Due to their age though much of the accommodation does not suit modern living needs. For example, properties often have a poor layout, small rooms particularly bathrooms and kitchens, suffer from damp, have poor insulation and a lack of natural light.    

The regeneration will provide modern housing, improving on properties which were originally built over 100 years ago and Clarion strongly believes that regeneration is the best option for our current and our future residents. 

You can take a look inside A-D, our catalyst for the regeneration, by watching a video tour.

A detailed report reviewing various options for the future of the Estate was submitted to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) for their consideration.

  • It was agreed that regeneration of the majority of the Estate was the most viable option to provide good quality accommodation, improve the Estate's layout and safeguard the future of social rented housing in Chelsea.

 Inside a typical flat in A-D. The shower room shown was installed on what used to be the balcony. 


Floor Plan


*A number of properties in A-D, were previously let to RBKC as temporary accommodation.  However, in expectation that we would receive planning permission and start the regeneration these were vacated by RBKC.  In the interests of security to prevent illegal occupation and vandalism, these properties were made secure, utilities were disconnected and sanitaryware removed.  In addition, following concerns from our residents, we now provide 24 hour security on site too.